Starting Items

  • You all posses a Copious Coinpouch: Tiny Infinite Handy Haversack for Coins and Small Elements of Wealth, e.g. rings, tokens, small gems etc. the only limit is that it has to fit through the small opening in the sack. Most people have one of these, and their construction is such that they are very hard to steal. If, for example, the cutpurse tries to cut and run, he first needs a magic silver weapon to cut the bottom of the pouch free of the chain, then the bag appears empty until reunited with its missing parts and magically mended. In addition if you still have the chain it was attached to when this happens, you may perform the repair as a free action by summoning the parts back together. That simple. so unless someone kills you and takes your corpse from the party so they can finally safely part the sack from its owner, the most someone can get from trying to rob you is an empty sack, and not even for very long.

Other than that spend away as normal. This will be fast track, high treasure, high magic, etc. etc. Go ahead and treat your starting wealth as 1.25 x the listed amount in the Character Advancement table.

Some things to consider

Party Outline

Originally I had intended a largely physical party. I scrapped that idea and the new rules that I had made: not going to use them anymore. After trying to run arena and getting a lot of play in in arena has taught me some things.

I just spent 10 minutes trying to think of a way to make this subtle, but I gave up. It would help all of us later on down the road if you talk among yourselves about who will play what and make a party with no two people dependent on the same ability score. If, for this reason, we come up short in some area like healing, I’ll provide you with items to help you. This isn’t ABSOLUTELY necessary, it would just be nice is all.

Also, Figure out if one of you is going to have a love-interest in the healers part of the military camp.

As originally planned when we get started I’m going to be watching how you all behave during the initial role-play time in order to determine who is the Corporal, i.e. in charge of the party, at least while you’re in the military.

Starting Attributes aren’t point buy. You may roll OR you may accept my generous offer:
You can reorganize if you like, but nothing above 20 and nothing below 6. This may seem too good to be true, but I’ll just make up for it by giving out tougher encounters :). To go from there, I believe I mentioned that starting level would be 4, so go ahead and take your first attribute point and don’t forget your racial bonus. It’s important. Yeah, like you need to tell them that, like you’re more experienced than them or something. Ha ha. Dumbass.

I posted some of this stuff in the characters section as well so hopefully you won’t miss it.

Starting Items

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