Copious Coinpouch

tiny infinite handy haversack


Slot: -, (military issue), Weight: 1, regardless of weight contained.

A Copious Coinpouch is a Handy Haversack with the dilemma of a small opening which cannot accept items larger than a coin or small gemstone or other trinket and the bonus of having no limit to the amount of coinage etc. that can be stored within. Normally gold is kept on a character without any regard to the weight of the cash or the vulnerability of it to thieves and even passers-by. The Copious Coinpouch is almost impossible to steal. It attaches to the clothes in such a way that, in order to remove it from a person the entire article of clothing (usually the pants) would have to be removed n order to extract the chain from the cloth. The bag itself is made of a particular hide that cannot be cut without a magic silver weapon, and in the event that the bag becomes separated from the chain in this (or any other) manner, the bag stops functioning as normal and becomes just a small pouch, empty of whatever it may have previously contained. The Owner of the chain of the pouch, on the other hand, remains in complete control at all points during this altercation. As a free action, the owner of the chain may recall the pouch from any distance back together and into one piece, effectively mending it and restoring it and its function to normal, including whatever the pouch may have formerly held. The hide of the bag is made of the flesh of a planetoid lycanthropic outsider, has DR/magic AND silver, insurmountable spell resistance, hardness 5 and 5 hit points. They are quite common, appear brown or colored in two colors like a regular belt pouch. The opening can only admit coin0sized articles. If something to big gets shoved in, the bag tears, and looses it’s carrying capacity, though the owner of the pouch may again mend it by recalling it as a free action. A Portable hole does not fit inside it. Unlike a Bag of Holding, if a Copious Coinpouch enters a Portable Hole, nothing happens. The extra-planar space in the pouch is bound by the chain and is unaffected by transitive-planes’ properties or anything similar.


Copious Coinpouch

Arcturia Townsend